Egelric, Part Five: The Monster

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Each tragedy in Egelric’s life always seems to peel away some of his compassion and decency—even some of his humanity—revealing more of the beast that he has long known dwelt within him.

But this time Egelric goes too far.

This ugly episode in his life does not merely hurt the people he loves—it may even affect the fates of kingdoms. This storyline ends when Egelric’s fate catches up to him on the shores of Man.

Theme: Egelric and Maire

Rating: R (sex, violence)

Chapters: 24
Written between September 19, 2007, and September 23, 2009.

Egelric asks a favor November 12 1085
Maire wakes a man December 9 1085
Alred makes a monument of a man December 9 1085
Maire feels the perfect ache December 11 1085
Maire wakes the wrong man December 11 1085
Cearball meets a man December 12 1085
Cearball wears the ghost of a hand December 12 1085
Egelric is a ghost in a grand tomb December 13 1085
Egelric is touched by the ghost of a hand December 13 1085
Egelric finds a satisfying victim December 13 1085
Egelric struggles with the serpent December 13 1085
Cearball stands up to a man December 14 1085
Gwynn learns the meaning of handsome December 14 1085
Egelric is the formidable father December 15 1085
Aengus wears the hand of fate December 18 1085
Cearball walks the razor's edge December 18 1085
Malcolm tells the two sides December 18 1085
Sigefrith gets rid of a few good men December 21 1085
Ethelwyn is touched by the ghost of a man December 21 1085
Finn faces the knights of Lothere December 21 1085
Colban is the fatherless son December 21 1085
Egelric gets carried away December 22 1085
Egelric sees his last sign of sanity December 24 1085
Egelric travels to twilight’s end December 30 1085