Leofric meets his match

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Leofric, the King’s father-​in-​law and oldest friend, is a notorious womanizer. As told in “Leofric and His Doves,” the one true love of his life was Matilda, the late wife of his friend Alred, who died while giving birth to their illegitimate daughter.

No lady could be less like Matilda than shy, sensitive Hetty, Alred’s second wife, but something about her stirs Leofric’s heart again—perhaps more than ever before. And once again Leofric’s forbidden love has tragic consequences.

This storyline is ongoing. It has its moments of poignant beauty, but we wait to see whether any happiness can come out of it for any of the characters.

Theme: Adulterous love and a precarious marriage

Rating: PG (violence)

Chapters: 48
Written between October 2, 2006, and January 25, 2012.

Lili receives a birthday gift June 17 1082
Hedwige finds a small surprise June 17 1082
Lili finds what she didn't know she lost December 18 1082
Lili thinks the worst December 18 1082
Alred realizes his mistake January 7 1083
Leofric has a wicked thought June 19 1085
Leofric is frightened of his own desire September 28 1085
Leofric sees the daughter November 8 1085
Hetty's dream is dispersed November 9 1085
Egelric asks a favor November 12 1085
Leofric is prey to pernicious desire November 13 1085
Hetty is taken November 16 1085
Leofric issues his command November 16 1085
Alred sees through a smile November 16 1085
Alred begins to see November 16 1085
Leofric counts the years November 16 1085
Alred sees November 16 1085
Leofric meets his match November 16 1085
Cedric sees his father November 16 1085
Cedric sees Alred November 16 1085
Leofric tries to pass a message November 18 1085
Affrais finds nothing November 19 1085
Alred wields his words November 20 1085
Sigefrith sees his father November 26 1085
Sigefrith sees the next-to-last man December 12 1085
Sigefrith plans a party December 12 1085
Hetty reads the one word December 12 1085
Hetty makes a savage reply December 12 1085
Eadwyn sees the silent sound December 13 1085
Haakon has the key December 14 1085
Cedric sees what sort of trouble December 14 1085
Cedric learns what matters December 14 1085
Leofric says goodbye December 14 1085
Haakon completes his mission December 15 1085
Leofric awaits his turn January 20 1086
Hetty gets off her feet January 25 1086
Hetty's hope fades into the gloom January 26 1086
Sir Eadwyn is quested by a shade January 28 1086
Leofric falls foul of the third sort of girl February 1 1086
Leofric learns his calling February 1 1086
Leofric is lent an alibi February 4 1086
Leofric and Malcolm drink from the same cup February 4 1086
Robert is cowed by the clan February 13 1086
The ladies have an indelicate conversation February 16 1086
Gunnilda prescribes the appropriate remedy February 17 1086
Gunnora comes to the crossing of seven roads February 17 1086
Gunnora lies where love is March 18 1086
Lasrua is the ghost of a girl April 10 1086