Sophie and the Silver-White Knight

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Sophie is a racy, red-​headed Saxon, and Stein a mild-​hearted, silver-​haired knight from Norway. Both came to Lothere under unpleasant circumstances – Sophie because she was caught alone with a young man from Lothere and forced to marry him, and Stein because his cousin took pity on his family’s poverty and brought him home as his squire.

Dissimilar as they seem, they develop a certain friendship as young adults, but it takes a terrible tragedy in each of their lives to bring them together – and then they must help one another heal.

Theirs is not a storybook romance of rescued princesses and love at first sight, but Sophie and Stein – with a nudge from a feisty little fairy godmother – make it a real-​life fairy tale.

Theme: Life after tragedy

Rating: R (violence, sexual assault, nudity)

Chapters: 35
Written between November 28, 2006, and January 10, 2012.

Lili and Sophie pledge their aid November 24 1083
Lili has a few thoughts November 27 1083
Stein learns his part December 11 1083
Ana escapes December 15 1083
Ethelwyn is stuck in the middle December 16 1083
Eadwyn makes a move December 16 1083
Ethelwyn is reassured December 16 1083
Eadwyn is dragged away December 16 1083
Stein is whisked away December 16 1083
Hetty waddles forth December 16 1083
Sophie gets a lesson December 21 1083
Stein is reminded of an urgent matter January 10 1084
Stein blinds a lady’s brother April 20 1084
Stein sees another Sophie September 8 1084
Tryggve delivers precious cargo April 12 1085
Stein’s bed is half-empty April 18 1085
Stein is in trouble for certain April 19 1085
Stein sees the reason, if not the way April 24 1085
Sophie makes a choice May 3 1085
Lili asks too much May 4 1085
Lili asks a lot May 4 1085
Lili asks May 4 1085
Sophie tells a tragic tale May 5 1085
Sophie goes behind the curtain May 5 1085
Stein returns early to leave July 8 1085
Stein is advised October 4 1085
Stein finds his family October 7 1085
Sophie is still October 7 1085
Stein finds what he was seeking November 11 1085
Astrid is invited to Princess-Street December 16 1085
Sophie does herself proud December 16 1085
Sophie practices her princess walk March 3 1086
Stein takes up another thread March 25 1086
Stein comes home April 4 1086
Saeward sticks to a life-altering scheme April 9 1086