Lady Eadgith Comes Into Her Kingdom

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Born into the lesser Anglo-​Saxon nobility, Lady Eadgith lost nearly everything in the Conquest – her husband, her home, her wealth, and the protection of her lord, Sigefrith Hwala.

Beginning nearly ten years later, this is the ongoing story of how she recovered what she lost; how she gained in wisdom, grace, and dignity; and how she has rejoiced and suffered in her love for one of Lothere’s most charismatic and most despicable men.

Theme: A wife's story

Rating: R (nudity, sex, violence)

Chapters: 35
Written between March 15, 2006, and September 12, 2008.

Matilda meddles again April 3 1075
Sigefrith is surprised in the garden May 11 1075
Leofric is surprised in Sigefrith's study May 11 1075
Eadgith is surprised in her bed May 12 1075
Sigefrith learns something about Leofric June 5 1075
Eadgith wants to talk July 6 1075
Sigefrith makes an announcement to Eadgith September 13 1075
Leila tries to learn September 15 1075
Sigefrith tells Eadgith of another letter December 20 1075
Eadgith asks a favor January 12 1076
Leofric slithers in February 8 1076
Sigefrith brings the two together February 19 1076
Leofric and Eadgith break a promise December 18 1076
Leofric is called to order January 20 1077
Leofric comes himself August 25 1077
Eadgith gets a lesson in grace February 23 1078
Sigefrith and Leofric meet a dragon July 17 1080
Lady Eadgith meets Peleia August 1 1080
Lady Eadgith comes to the rescue August 6 1080
Lady Eadgith is reminded August 15 1080
Lady Eadgith sneaks away August 15 1080
Lady Eadgith invites herself August 19 1080
Lady Eadgith justifies herself August 20 1080
Lord Leofric invites Lady Eadgith September 3 1080
Sir Sigefrith gets the birthday treatment January 16 1081
Lady Eadgith gets an English girl November 11 1081
Lady Eadgith's heavens are clouded June 15 1082
Eadgith launches her thunderbolt June 15 1082
Leofric is struck June 15 1082
Eadgith pours oil on troubled waters January 19 1083
Leia does what she likes October 16 1084
Leofric has a look at his conscience October 16 1084
Leofric makes another promise December 14 1084
Lady Eadgith feels like a birthday girl January 19 1085
Leofric says goodbye December 14 1085