The Young Alexander

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Aed, son of Aengus, is an eighteen-​year-​old lord of a corner of Galloway. Called “Young Aed” to distinguish him from “Old Aed,” ruler of Galloway, he has already established a reputation for military efficiency and diplomatic cunning.

Nevertheless he lives under the tall shadow of his father, the late lord, as well as of his older brother, also named Aed, who died before he was born. And he has only recently freed himself from the guardianship of his mother and his detested stepfather.

Now having reached his majority, he has surrounded himself with uncouth young men, including wolfskin-​clad wild man Congal, and the enigmatic former monk Gaethine.

Noteworthy because it is the first in this story to overtly cover a homosexual relationship, this storyline follows Aed as he begins his rule.

Theme: Imperial ambition and forbidden love

Rating: R (sex, graphic violence, self-harm)

Chapters: 27
Written between April 9, 2009, and September 22, 2012.

Cynewulf gets a lesson in diplomacy December 20 1085
Condal is not the spectacle December 20 1085
Aed makes light of serious matters December 20 1085
Sigefrith gets rid of a few good men December 21 1085
Colban is the fatherless son December 21 1085
Yusuf’s tale has negative effects December 23 1085
Aed loses a little more February 12 1086
Gwynn reads a line of pure poetry February 25 1086
Aed enters into Ramsaa March 4 1086
Aed executes his plan March 4 1086
Aed casts out the evil March 4 1086
Aed understands the solitude and the sense March 5 1086
Muirgius claims an ancient right March 5 1086
Congal is left a lone man March 5 1086
Congal gets his question answered March 5 1086
Gwynn knows just what to do March 10 1086
Gaethine does not need eyes to see March 16 1086
Aed tastes a certain sweetness March 16 1086
Aed sees the unspeakable March 25 1086
Congal says the unthinkable March 25 1086
Murchad learns the terrible truth March 27 1086
Yusuf encounters a wolf March 31 1086
Aed welcomes a guest April 4 1086
Gaethine lets go of his last vanity April 4 1086
The doctor gets closer to his patient April 9 1086
Lord Aed welcomes a lady April 18 1086
Yusuf takes his leave April 18 1086