Lena is free

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This storyline simply documents the tragically short life of the elf Lena. She grew up in a servitude whose horrors are only hinted at in this story, but she enjoyed one year of freedom at the end.

Her story intersects some of Lothere’s larger storylines, such as “Cat and Her Friend”. The storyline ends abruptly, but I suppose this is in keeping with her senseless death.

Theme: A gentle slave's year of freedom

Rating: R (graphic violence, sexual themes, nudity)

Chapters: 29
Written between December 23, 2006, and February 5, 2009.

It is down for Aengus March 13 1084
Aengus promises March 20 1084
Aengus and Lena are discovered March 28 1084
Aengus arrives late March 29 1084
Aengus tells the rest April 10 1084
Egelric asks for help April 11 1084
Cat finds a means July 5 1084
Lena is spoken to August 23 1084
Lena walks out December 19 1084
Lena is free December 20 1084
Catan hears a voice December 20 1084
Lar chooses not to see December 20 1084
The baby is taken out of reach December 20 1084
Catan and the elf are taken out December 20 1084
Alred welcomes new guests to the old barracks December 21 1084
The elf falls back on memories January 15 1085
The tall one is named January 18 1085
Aengus begins to look at things in a different way January 27 1085
Aengus swings away a wall March 4 1085
Lena lives the way elves were meant May 9 1085
Aengus disappears May 10 1085
Benedict sees the Red Lady July 1 1085
Cat's curiosity is roused October 16 1085
Kraaia enters into the valley December 14 1085
Lena confronts an almighty fear December 17 1085
Kraaia is wielded December 18 1085
Osh comes up to say goodbye December 18 1085
Kraaia says those kind words December 18 1085
Kraaia does not look back December 18 1085