Past Preview Banners

Since early March of 1085 I have been putting up a new banner after nearly every chapter, giving a preview of what’s coming in the next chapter. (Thanks again for the great idea, Sydonie!) It’s fun for me and sometimes gives me a bit of encouragement to finish a troublesome chapter, since I don’t allow myself to look at the images again once they are made, until it’s time to upload them. It’s almost a surprise for me too when I hit publish on the current chapter and then scurry off to see what’s coming up next.

However, they’ve not been much fun for anyone after the fact, since they have been disappearing as soon as the chapter was published. So at last I have written a little script to serve them up again like so much pixellated medieval eye candy, and not only do I find it to be a fun way to browse the year, it will also be a help to anyone catching up with the story and wondering about some of the comments about past banners. I’m only sorry I didn’t start the habit sooner. :-)

Not every single chapter is featured, since at first I only did previews for the important chapters (or ones with intriguing possibilities for keeping you guessing with an image). Recently I have been doing almost every chapter, except when I split one chapter into two while writing.

There are currently two “galleries” up at the moment, since I handled the banners for Britamund’s wedding a little differently (with a rotating banner image that changed once per hour as long as the wedding was being written). Clicking on any of the wedding banners will take you to the first wedding chapter, wherein she says “I will”.

  1. Main Gallery – banners from March 3, 1085, onward
  2. Dunstan and Britamund’s Wedding – August 15, 1085