Sunday 3 July 2022

Greetings, loyal readers and new arrivals who somehow stumbled upon this story.

Some of you have mentioned that you are rereading or considering rereading the entire saga, and having just finished the same, I know that this old site is tough to read on mobile phones or new, high-​definition monitors. (Or is it just my eyes that are no longer as sharp as they were fifteen years ago?)

Now, a complete rewrite of the site is out of the question – it’s barely holding together all these years later as it is – but I would like to share with you a stripped-​down, mobile-​friendly version (with a larger font) that I cobbled together for myself during my reread so I could comfortably read on my phone. No comments, no sidebars, no character lists, nothing besides the story and the pictures and links to the next and previous chapters. I call it Reader View.

You can access the Reader View version of any chapter by clicking the “Reader View” link at the top of the right sidebar. Once in Reader View, you can get back to the regular Web View of the chapter by clicking the link at the bottom of the page: this will scroll you right to the comment section of the main chapter page, in case you were wondering what people had to say about the shocking events you just read about.

If for some reason you want to see a list of all the chapters you can go to http://​www​.lothere​.com/​r​e​a​d​e​r​/​c​h​a​pter/ and prepare to scrooooolllll.

I hope this will prove useful to someone, and maybe encourage a reread or two!