New Reader View for mobile phones and older eyes

Sunday 3 July 2022

Greetings, loyal readers and new arrivals who somehow stumbled upon this story.

Some of you have mentioned that you are rereading or considering rereading the entire saga, and having just finished the same, I know that this old site is tough to read on mobile phones or new, high-​definition monitors. (Or is it just my eyes that are no longer as sharp as they were fifteen years ago?)

Now, a complete rewrite of the site is out of the question – it’s barely holding together all these years later as it is – but I would like to share with you a stripped-​down, mobile-​friendly version (with a larger font) that I cobbled together for myself during my reread so I could comfortably read on my phone. No comments, no sidebars, no character lists, nothing besides the story and the pictures and links to the next and previous chapters. I call it Reader View.

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Seven Year Itch

Thursday 29 November 2012

I haven’t posted a new chapter since mid-​September, and I haven’t posted here on Verso since March. I’ve commented a few times here and there, but I know some of you have been worried about me. So to start this anniversary post, I want to thank everyone for missing my story, for missing me, for your emails, and for your concern. I am still here and I am fine. I have missed you. I have presents for you.

Prologue Chapter Advent Calendar

2012 Edition

Chapter 1860“Sigefrith meets a man in love”

Chapter 1861“Githa’s dowry gets an airing”

Chapter 1862“Ethelmund’s wife returns home”

Coming December 16th

Coming December 23rd


It has been seven years since I started the story of Lothere.


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Sixth Anniversary: Prologue Chapters

Tuesday 29 November 2011

Anniversary time already. The Kingdom of Lothere: So romantic since 2005!

So romantic!

Year Six has been an interesting one for me. I was laid off in March, and although I quickly found another cool job, that speed bump certainly affected my output over here in the story. It looks like I only wrote 44 new chapters in the last year: less than one per week. :redface:

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Young Aed Storyline

Sunday 16 October 2011

To prepare for the upcoming chapter, I pulled together a new storyline for Young Aed. It inevitably has some political stuff in it, but I tried to limit it as much as possible so as not to have too much overlap with the “Storm on the Irish Sea” storyline. I focus on chapters that reveal Aed’s character: sometimes cunning and sometimes childish, sometimes ruthless and sometimes compassionate.

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Lothere 1.0

Friday 23 September 2011

I just stumbled across the original Lothere blog from the days when I didn’t even have my own site.


Lothere 1.0

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Server Upgrade

Saturday 2 July 2011

In the very beginning, I had Lothere on a blogging platform like Blogger or Wordpress.

That only lasted about a month before I decided I wanted more control of the layout. So I installed Wordpress on a shared hosting service, one of those $7-​per-​month things. That lasted a year or two, but I eventually got sick of the (shared) database server going down for no fault of my own and taking down my site for hours at a time.

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Nobilities in the bio pages

Saturday 12 February 2011

A few people have asked me to expose the top-​secret “Nobility” ratings I have assigned to many of my character records, so I have just made those visible on the bio pages. If you’re a hardcore Lothere geek—or maybe an RKC-​player interested in how I deal with social rankings—read on.

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Looking back on five years

Monday 29 November 2010

“Where you do you see yourself five years from now?”

I hope I am never asked that question in a job interview, because I will have to pass. If I had honestly answered the question at any point during the 16 years since I graduated from high school, my vision of where I would be five years later would have been laughably different from the eventual reality.

Certainly on November 29th, 2005, when I loaded up The Sims 2 and created a new neighborhood called (almost randomly) Lothere, I did not imagine I would be here five years later, not only still working on the story but with it having become such an important part of my life. This story made me a writer—something I had forgotten I ever wanted to be.

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A guide to the clans

Thursday 1 July 2010

I’ve added a new page that may help you figure out who is who among the many Scots we’ve seen and heard mentioned.

Index to the Clans

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Comment editing fixed, and site updates

Wednesday 23 June 2010

I believe I have finally solved the bug that was preventing some people from editing their comments, so I went ahead and did a big update of the site today, with a lot of pending changes.

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