Elven Villages

Friday 31 October 2008

I have finished putting all my living elves into households, and the households into villages, so at last I can say I know who and where everyone is, and how they’re related, and just what Lar and Sorin are dealing with on their respective sides.

Link: List of Elven Villages

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Elven polyphony

Sunday 26 August 2007

Elves singing

Music is so difficult to write about, I usually don’t bother trying. My recent attempt was further complicated by coming from the point of view of a frightened three-​year-​old.

Having failed, therefore, to evoke what I had in mind, thanks to the magic of the Internets I can direct you kisór fans to precisely what I had in mind, so that you can have a listen.

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Elven castes 101

Thursday 31 May 2007

I don’t know how interesting or how germane this is, but since I am revealing the elves’ castes on the bio pages, I should probably give a short characteristically long-​winded description of their caste system. If nothing else, it will give those of you who are so inclined the occasion to find out what caste the babies would have if certain elves married certain others. ;-)

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Mirror, Mirror

Thursday 5 April 2007

Mirror Spock and Kirk.

Any Star Trek fans among you? Those of you who are will surely remember the classic episode “Mirror, Mirror”, in which the Enterprise crew meets with their doubles from a parallel universe. However, in this universe, the peace-​loving Federation is replaced by an evil Empire, torture is regularly used as discipline, and Mr. Spock has a goatee.

Why do I ask?

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