Saturday 8 November 2008

I just added a new feature to the bio/​demographics site because *I* wanted it: namely the ability to search by whether or not the person has a picture in the bio database.

To go along with that, I now have the pictures showing up in the search results, as well as in the list of people’s relatives and descendants, and in the list of household inhabitants.

I have been doing a lot of other boring behind-​​the-​​scenes programming stuff recently, and I may have broken some pages that were previously working, but what the heck, nobody’s job (like MINE!!) is depending on this little site, so I live dangerously.

I don’t think we have had the ability to get a list of everyone with pictures since the early, early days of the site, and I had forgotten how much fun it is to just scroll through them all. Ladies, am I right???

Hmm, other than that I don’t have actually have an exciting picture to close with today… how about a picture of Matilda’s tomb?