Saturday 31 January 2009

I made some new Sims today (actually, repurposed some old ones) for upcoming chapters. These are all employees of Aengus.

First the guards:

age 22
age 18

Then the grooms:

age 29
age 33

For creepiness’s sake, I’ll see if I can remember who they were…

Garalt was Ethelmund Ashdown’s dead son Alwy. That helped me make him rather ugly, though you only really see the ugliness in profile. (Do you know, it’s HARD to make ugly Sims that still look human!)

Marcán was Egelric & Lili’s dead son Alaric. He got to keep his nose, but interestingly it was not Egelric’s nose. I changed the rest of his face quite a lot.

Séigíne was Man-​​Flann. I let him keep his nose too because he’s from the clan. Like Derbail, probably somebody’s illegitimate child, or child of someone’s illegitimate child, etc.

Finally, Lytelman was Tidraed. Due to the coloring and the way the hair hangs in his eyes, I find he looks rather more like Tidraed than I would have liked. But like Tidraed, he’s from the neighborhood, so I guess they could be distantly related or something. Or just look like the natives of the region.