Monday 25 May 2009

I just finished up the second Storyline and made it available in the Storyline Section.

This time around I did “Cat and Her Friend”, telling the story of Paul and Cat, up to their fiery first time.

I originally had some of the early pregnancy chapters in there, but I decided to stop it earlier because otherwise it would really go out with a fizzle. I think that if we get to another big milestone for them (e.g. the birth of the wee dew baby) I will either extend that storyline, or do a Part Two storyline if that seems more convenient.

Next I plan to do the romance of Eadie and Sigefrith. I had some other ideas for the next storyline, but for some reason I’ve been hankering for Early Eadie lately. That was one of the sweetest little romances of them all, and it may help take out the taste of tragedy left behind after reading “Cat and Her Friend”.