Sunday 5 July 2009

I have already nearly finished putting the Brit+Dunstan storyline together, because I spent the entire morning loading, and reloading, and reloading my game, trying to get into the Nothelm Keep lot.

lot load FAIL

Every time I got to loading the lot, the entire game would crash.

I tried moving out the family, thinking there was a buggy object inside that would be sold.

I tried replacing the lot file with a known-​​good backup.

I tried replacing the entire neighborhood with a known-​​good backup, since yesterday I plopped a new lot down right in front of it, sharing the same stretch of road.

Crash, crash, crash.

I tried loading other lots, including Sigefrith’s mega-​​castle, and they all worked.

Conclusion: Nothelm is gone.

It might be some CC I’ve downloaded recently, but I haven’t loaded that lot since the Cynewulf diplomacy chapter a month or two ago. So I’ll likely not figure out what, and don’t feel like it’s worth trying.

I do have tons of screenshots of the building, as well as my original plans, so yes, I can and will build it again. But goddamn.

Also, it’s hot. >8(

Anyway, I needed to get into that lot to shoot the chapter-​​after-​​next, namely the chapter when Irene and Yusuf show up at Nothelm and Irene learns that Egelric’s an evil rapist. This mishap seems to be telling me not to write this chapter, so I think I’ll skip it. We can catch up with Irene later.

To console myself, I took the pictures for the chapter that was supposed to follow, featuring my favorite boy.

Who, me?

Yes, Finn, you. Lo, it is time for you to be inducted into the club of shirtless Lotherian leading men.

Gwynn is so doomed.

Shirtless Finn