Saturday 24 March 2007

While looking for Irish castle plans (Murchad is going to be needing a castle, if you must know) I stumbled across an excellent resource for Sims castle builders. This site showcases castles built using Legos, and the builder also includes plans for each of the 114(!) castles he has built. He has not only the plans of the actual castles, with all their curves and awkward angles, but also the plans he drew for his Lego castles. These are doubly interesting to us since he is forced to build on a grid of squares just as we are.

He even built Warkworth Castle, which was the inspiration for Egelric’s castle! I wish I had found his site when I was working on it.

As I mentioned in that post, the meager plans I used for Egelric’s castle are included on this site, which consists of scans from an old book about the growth of the English country house. But this gentleman has really done his research, including leaving his computer and going to an actual physical library. Thereby saving me the trip!