Saturday 17 October 2009

I have been saying recently that Sigefrith must never have publicly affirmed that Colban was not his son, and that Colban would therefore have continued to be called a prince and be treated with the same deference as Caedwulf and the girls.

However, while I was writing the last chapter, I found evidence that seems to say otherwise.

In “Sigefrith makes up for lost laughter”, dated November 3rd, 1085, Cubby announces to Sigefrith:

“My father says I might stay with you while he’s away!”

In the same room were Cedric, Caedwulf, and (most importantly) Ralf. Now, while I wouldn’t be surprised to know Cedric and Caedwulf were in on the unofficial secret, I can’t believe Sigefrith would have confessed to Ralf, especially not to the point that Cubby knew it was OK to just blurt out “my father” in front of him.

So I assume that after “Sigefrith tells the plain truth” (in May, 1084) Sigefrith made some low-​​key but public announcement than Colban was not his heir and was henceforth not to be called a prince.

Given Edris’s awkwardness in “Malcolm wears the ghost of a band”, however, it does seem to be something people try not to talk about.

Cubby and his father.