Wednesday 11 November 2009

I believe I mentioned this in the chat a few weeks ago: I had noticed that Paul’s scalp had gone black, and any hair that showed his scalp looked AWFUL with his blond hair. Even his current hair had a black stripe down the part, as if he were growing out his roots:

Paul's stripey hair

This is a recent phenomenon, and I couldn’t figure out the reason. It didn’t have anything to do with his skintone, because it didn’t happen to Osh, and they have the same skin. And it didn’t matter which hair I put on Paul – if there was any scalp showing, it was black.

I’ve also started seeing thumbnails in CAS showing up randomly with black scalps, even though the hair looks fine when I put it on a Sim.

Then this morning I was reading “Garald gets a talking to” on Verity’s site, and I noticed that Not-​​Gay Steward’s ponytail hair isn’t half bad. This despite the fact that I have been hating on Dunstan’s ponytail so hard lately that I’ve been wanting to do something cruel to him, just so he could get all sullen and Young-​​Aed-​​ponytail-​​wearing.

That was when it clicked. Dunstan had Black Scalp Disease too. Apparently this goes back at least as far as “Finn faces the knights of Lothere”:

Dunstan's broken hair

This is how it used to look:

Dunstan's normal hair

So today I made up my mind to find the culprit, took out all my downloads, and started adding the hairs back little by little until I found the one that was broken. (It was one or more of the hairs called “Julia Dream” which I think I downloaded from GoS. Maybe I got a corrupted download. :-()

Anyway, Dunstan’s hair is back to normal, so I don’t have to crush his heart and turn him emo any more! >8)

Ah, Dunstan. Even with broken hair I find you hotter than your father.