Sunday 9 May 2010


Britamund’s maid Adwen died on Sunday, February 15th, 1086. We saw her in “Britamund concedes to an urgent matter.”

Neither Brit nor Dunstan liked her, but each thought the other did, and it remains a mystery how she got the job. >8)

I suspect her maternal grandfather Aylmer has something to do with it since he runs the household at Dunellen. (Incidentally her paternal grandmother is The Warty Mother.)

Anyway, Brit now needs a lady’s maid. Not a lady-​in-​waiting with a ceremonial keeping-​her-​company role (which Ogive already does), but someone to help her dress, do her hair, look after her jewelry and wardrobe, and so on. She needs a Hattie or a Derbail, in other words.

And I could swear we talked about this in the chat one afternoon, and we had come up with an idea for someone who could fill this role. But I cannot remember who the candidate was.

So can anyone who was there remember? Or does anyone have an idea? She has to be of a lower station than Brit – to paraphrase Ethelwyn, someone who is a maid, not someone who has a maid. But the King’s eldest daughter can’t have any old peasant’s daughter either. She must be refined and ladylike, and her family must be respectable enough for this boon to be granted them.

I am sure I can find someone among the gentlefolk… maybe a steward’s daughter or something. But I could swear we had thought of the perfect person…

In tangentially-​related news, I suspect that the next time we see Brit, she will have let out those famous side-​laces that Cubby found so awkward to think about…

those famous side-laces