Thursday 1 July 2010

I’ve added a new page that may help you figure out who is who among the many Scots we’ve seen and heard mentioned.

Index to the Clans

Please excuse the colors. :-) I had to come up with 10 times 3 different colors so I could give each clan and each generation its own color.

The colors are somewhat meaningful; the warmer colors have historically tended to be close to the other warm colors, and cool with cool. Excepting the fearsome clan of Conngalach, at the end, which is usually at war with our Guys of Galloway.

More specifically, clan Cormaic (periwinkle) is a sort of splinter clan that has been antagonistic with Old Aed’s family (goldenrod), ever since Cormac mysteriously died shortly before his widow married Old Aed.

Clan Maíl Coluim (uhhh… yellow) is very close to Old Aed’s family, and clan Cuilén (yellow-​green) as well. Young Eochaid, who’s in love with Uallach, is from the latter clan.

Clan Giric (mint green) has not taken sides much. But that’s Wolfman Congal’s clan, although he is not in the ruling family.

Clan Eochaid (light blue) and Clan Domnaill (lavender) – that’s Gog’s clan – are super-​close. Gog is married to Lord Eochaid’s sister, and Young Colban is married to Lord Eochaid’s daughter. Gaethine is also from that clan, though again he’s not from the ruling branch.

Any questions? :-) 

Time to go make dinner, but here’s a picture of Edris’s eldest, Ardith, in case you were wondering what she looks like these days.