Wednesday 23 June 2010

I believe I have finally solved the bug that was preventing some people from editing their comments, so I went ahead and did a big update of the site today, with a lot of pending changes.

Comment Editing/​Deleting

I noticed that among the people who couldn’t edit comments since the recent upgrade, the one thing they had in common seemed to be that they were using languages other than English in their browser and/​or their operating system. There is a 30 minute time limit for editing comments, and I was basing that calculation on the written-​in-​English date, like: “June 23, 2010 – 11:44 AM.” I think the non-​English browsers were not reading that correctly.

Now I have it doing the calculation based on number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970, GMT, which is the Beginning of Time according to contemporary computers. Thus it becomes a simple math problem which everybody’s browser can solve. ;-) 

If you still can’t edit your new comments, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Remember you have to have javascript enabled for it to work, and you have a 30 minute time limit. It should work whether you are logged in or not. (Well, if you leave a comment, then log out, you won’t be able to edit it unless you log in again. And vice versa.)

New look for bio pages

I made an attempt at cleaning up the bio pages a bit. Previously the spouses, children, and ancestors were listed on the bio page, with a short list of most recent chapters (sorted in reverse chronological order, which always drove me batty for some reason), and lots of links to stuff like relatives, quotes, and descendants.

Now most everything is moved into tabs across the bottom of the page. Less use of the back button and so on. Hopefully this will work for everyone. I am still getting used to it, but overall I think it’s a better organization.

Elven Fours

Click on the “Demographics” section, and click on “Elves” and you will see a list of the elven “fours,” as were mentioned in the Verso post “Second, Third, Fourth.”

Or just click here.

If the formatting of the page looks really funky, try holding down the SHIFT key and reloading the page to get the updated stylesheet.

Not sure how exciting that page is to anyone, but I needed to sort the guys into fours so I could send them out to make babies this winter. So I made a colorful page.

The fours are sorted from to the most noble fours to the least. I never really thought much about the history of the fours, but once I gave them all names, I realized there must be stories behind them. As usual, there’s a novel going unwritten here.

Moving up the ranks must not be a simple mathematical calculation, however, even among the nobles, since some lower-​caste elves are in high-​level fours. For instance, the mega-​creepy Yalis with his sixty-​eleven kids is in the same four as Ris’s mega-​creepy daddy Dru. Hmmmmmmm! You don’t say! >8) That’s also the highest four after Sorin’s and Vash’s. Eww.

I am too lazy to take screenshots today, so I’ll leave you with a cute picture that is already taken. I doubt I will be able to use it in the upcoming chapter of which it was a part, since it does not exactly fit the mood. But Gwynn is so adorable in her Fourteenth Century coif! Especially when she’s making a face more typical of the Old Man.