Saturday 27 November 2010

I don’t have any near-​term plans for Baby Lili to make an appearance, so I thought I would put up a baby picture here.

Baby Lili

She’s definitely Alred’s daughter. Her eye color isn’t exactly his; I believe she got his recessive color, which Enayla’s rich black eyes. Same eyes as Aengus and Sela.

She got Enayla’s Pixie Light skin, which pleased me to no end, it makes such pretty Sims. After she was born I made a version of Pixie Light with black hair for the babies, so that’s how she got that. I’ll have to switch it out if I do a chapter with a non-​black-​hair baby who has that skin.

In terms of facial features, of course all Sims babies look the same, but when she grows up she’s all Alred. She will resembly Margaret very much, I think.

Here’s Alred as a woman, as a reminder:

Alred as a woman

Lili has a different skin, of course, but the biggest difference is that she has a very sad look about her mouth. We’ll have to see whether I write her towards a melancholy personality as a result.