Sunday 22 April 2007

Devin seems to have been clicking around in my old family tree of Lothere again ;-), reminding me that I have been meaning to get my new project stable enough to announce it. So a few last-​​minute tweaks and an epic battle with character sets later, here it is: The Who’s Who of Lothere.

My ultimate goal is to write biographies of the important characters in the story, but for now there is only the first paragraph of Sigefrith’s.

However, I think it will be useful in the meanwhile as a more user-​​friendly way to look at the characters’ family trees. At least I hope it will be… user interface design isn’t really a part of a computer science education, and I get confused myself sometimes when clicking around.

The best part for a lot of people will probably be the little pictures of everyone. I am far from having pictures of “everyone” up yet, but that will give me something to do in the 20 or 30 minutes it takes me to get into a lot when I first load my game.

I still have a bit of clean-​​up to do in my family tree as well, but I seem to have hidden everyone I want to hide from you. Still no word on the father of Hilda’s baby. :-P

Here are some links to families with pictures, to get you started:

Sigefrith’s family Alred’s family Egelric’s family Leofric’s family Haakon Tryggvason’s family

There is also an Index of Everyone.