Sunday 16 October 2011

To prepare for the upcoming chapter, I pulled together a new storyline for Young Aed. It inevitably has some political stuff in it, but I tried to limit it as much as possible so as not to have too much overlap with the “Storm on the Irish Sea” storyline. I focus on chapters that reveal Aed’s character: sometimes cunning and sometimes childish, sometimes ruthless and sometimes compassionate.

So it’s not only about Aed’s relationship with Gaethine, though of course that is a big part of it.

I also chose to include a couple Gwynn chapters, which I suppose is equivalent to admitting that Gwynn’s future is going to be tangled up with Aed’s in some way.

I left out some Congal-​only chapters (such as Congal+Finn on the ship) since I imagine Congal will be getting a storyline of his own sometime fairly soon.

You can read it here: “The Young Alexander”