Thursday 1 March 2012


My second installment in the Well-​Dressed Viking Series (yes, it is a series now) is an apron gown and kirtle for the ladies, in nine authentic colors. Click the images for a bigger view.


(The models are Stein’s elder sister Finna, Hilda’s younger sister Ingegerd and their mother (and Estrid’s aunt) Gytha, Whitehand’s wife Ragnhild Maria Haraldsdottor, and of course Sigi, for whom this outfit was made.)

All have tablet-​woven trim around the neckline of the kirtle and as straps and trim on the apron, and most have some sort of tablet-​woven belt as well.

I don’t know how authentic the belt is, but it was necessary to allow for this effect:


This mesh (one from the old Sim-​Ages site) has a beautiful preg morph, which hangs straight down from the baby bump instead of clinging like so much viscose and elastic.

But it does need a belt. Otherwise an apron gown is not great at revealing curves.



Adult only. Categorized as Everyday, Formal, and Athletic. Mesh is included.