Sunday 4 March 2012

Teen viking apron dress

Van heard my plea to have a teen version of this dress, so she kindly whipped one up for us using a snug little mesh from Parsimonious which almost everyone has: mesh_​k8parsftfrengown021605. Thanks, Van!

I also wanted to see what it would look like on a less form-​fitting dress, so I did a version on the teen Regency day dress by Berg on mts2.

(Models are, L to R: Uallach; Uallach’s cousin Dearbhforghaill, daughter of King Enna of Leinster; Suki the Icelander; Brit’s too-​pretty-​for-​her-​own-​good lady’s maid Katla; and Cecily.)

Close-​up of the waists:

Teen viking apron dress