Tuesday 16 December 2008

Malcolm's house from the air

Devin has asked a couple of times about Malcolm and Iylaine’s house, so the easiest way to answer seems to be a quick tour.

Above is the house from the air. You can just see the front door and Malcolm standing at the top of the stairs. The house faces roughly east, and there’s a creek running just in front of it. There should be a lot more trees surrounding the lot, but I foolishly built Paul’s lot right next to that one, so there’s not much I can do now.

The diagonal part sticking out of the front is the new addition from this year. Malcolm had to tear down the old shed there where he used to stable his horse. Their horses are stabled at the road now, about a half mile’s walk from the house, until Malcolm gets around to having another shed built.

Here is another view from the rear, with the diagonal addition on the left and their bedroom on the right (you can see the chimney):

Malcolm's house from the air

Here is the floor plan:

Malcolm's house: floor plan

And with labels:

Malcolm's house: labeled floor plan

View of the entry from the hall:

Malcolm's house: entry

Iylaine’s candle in the entry:

Malcolm's house: Iylaine's candle

View of the hall from the entry:

Malcolm's house: Hall

The dining room:

Malcolm's house: Dining room

Iylaine’s inglenook seen from on high:

Malcolm's house: Inglenook

Iylaine’s inglenook seen from the top of the mantel, with the dining room beyond. Warty is seen going into her bedroom and Malcolm is just about to step into the guest room:

Malcolm's house: Hall from Inglenook

Warty just remembering where she put something in her room:

Malcolm's house: Warty's Room

The guest room as seen from the door. This is where Cearball is sleeping at the moment:

Malcolm's house: Guest

The guest room as seen from the bed, with view onto the dining room:

Malcolm's house: Guest

The kitchen:

Malcolm's house: Kitchen

The Turtle Room:

Malcolm's house: Turtle Room

Malcolm and Iylaine’s bedroom, which we saw in quite a few chapters back when Malcolm was seldom seen in a shirt:

Malcolm's house: Master Bedroom

And to close, everybody’s favorite ice-​​pale elf, just because we probably won’t get to see him for a while and I know there are some pink floaty hearts out there looking for a place to roost:

Shus likes toads too