Sunday 28 December 2008

Inspired by Ri’s comment I decided to fire up CAS and have a look at Alred’s Sim as a woman…

Alred as a woman.Alred as a woman.

I definitely see where Margaret got everything except her mouth. I just don’t see the resemblance in the lips.

Here is a teen girl Alred for comparison with Margaret:

Alred as a teen girl.Margaret.

Afterwards I looked at the other Sims I happened to have available in CAS, and I did a few more just for fun.

First I think everyone has wondered what Egelric looked like as a teen:

Egelric as a teen.Egelric as a teen.

The verdict is: Finn is WAY prettier than his dad ever was! I think it’s more than just the fair skin and freckles.

Finn as a teen.Finn as a teen.

In case you were wondering what Egelric would have looked like as a woman, prepare yourself…

Egelric as a woman.

Hurrying right along *cough* here’s Sigefrith as a woman:

Sigefrith as a woman.

And as a teen girl:

Sigefrith as a teen girl.

I wish now I had put Brit’s eyes and lipstick on her to see how much Brit really resembles him. I think Brit has bigger eyes, but we have always said she has her mother’s eyes. It doesn’t look like her jaw, either, but *shhhh* we know now that Sigefrith’s own Sim jaw isn’t as square as I say it is, after that slightly disturbing beardless chapter that shall henceforth go unmentioned.

Next up is Leofric:

Leofric as a woman.Leofric as a woman.

Those lips are really something else. His daughters and granddaughters keep getting them, and I keep plastic-​​surgerying them into the realms of pre-​​silicone plausibility. Dora and Mae will have quite the seductive mouths nevertheless.

Next, I had-​​ta had-​​ta had-​​ta see Lar “pretty like lady pretty” so here you go:

Lar as a pretty lady.Lar as a pretty lady.

He no longer inspires in me the instant desire to make out with him, but I really like the look of him. He’s not quite pretty but there’s something refined and distinctive about his face nevertheless. Oh, Lar, why won’t you make some babies already?

Finally, the only female Sim I had hanging around was Iylaine, so here’s Iylaine as a man:

Iylaine as a man.Iylaine as a man.

Verdict? She should stick to being a woman. That is quite a nose she has there, and not in a good way. I’m glad the little turtle got Malcolm’s!

To end the post, here’s something a little random but nevertheless on-​​topic: this was my original incarnation of Dre! I bred Mr. Black and Batty with Aletheia (the white angel-​​looking woman form of Dante who slept with Brude), and then bred the result with some elf or another (to get the ears) and got this scowling lass (named Drea). I don’t even remember why I decided to make Dre male at the last minute, but I’m sure glad I did. Think of all the homophobic Lar-​​angst we would have missed!

Dre... as a woman?