Wednesday 6 May 2009

My lunch breaks of the last couple days have been spent closing off the remaining chapters “open” for character tagging, and I just finished the last one! *trumpets* *confetti*


First off I want to thank those of you who put in an unbelievable amount of work to get these 1600+ chapters tagged in an unbelievably fast time. Seriously… I did not think it would be done half so quickly, and I never dreamt that I would not actually have to do any work besides approving your choices, and occasionally adding a few overlooked or missing people.

As I explained in the “rules” you got 4 points for adding a character and 1 point for voting on a character someone else added, and the result of that was that Cassie actually got MOAR KARMA than I did myself. (“Approving” a chapter simply consisted of me voting up the characters who were correctly assigned, so I’m rolling in the 1-​​point karma.)

So my thanks go out to the following readers, in order of descending term-​​paper-​​writing-​​procrastination and karma-​​accumulation:

  1. Cassie
  2. Sofie
  3. Tiffany
  4. Zoe
  5. ermine
  6. symphony
  7. Van
  8. Ri
  9. Sam
  10. Alice
  11. Devin

You guys kick ass. >8)

As for the characters themselves, I can now back myself up with statistics when I say that this is the story of Egelric and his foil Alred. And I’m pleased to see Sigefrith is #3 — this whole thing is his dream, after all. ;-)

Here are the top 20 characters as of Chapter 1665, by number of chapters in which they appeared:

  1. [332] Egelric
  2. [304] Alred
  3. [251] King Sigefrith
  4. [186] Iylaine
  5. [128] Sir Malcolm
  6. [121] Gunnilda
  7. [119] Leofric
  8. [111] Matilda
  9. [90] Cat
  10. [89] Kiv/​Paul
  11. [89] Dunstan
  12. [86] Sir Sigefrith
  13. [86] Queen Eadie
  14. [86] Flann
  15. [86] Vash
  16. [81] Princess Britamund
  17. [81] Gwynn
  18. [80] Queen Maud
  19. [77] Cenwulf
  20. [69] Poor Hetty, almost out of sight, as usual

Lots of ties in the 80’s!

Now that I’ve seen the results for 1067 – 1085, all math geek that I am, I would love to see those results graphed over time, year by year… Gunnilda for instance certainly had her day, but that day was yesterday. (And hopefully tomorrow, right?) *ponders*

I will soon add a checkbox to the person search page that will allow you to filter by people who have appeared in chapters. And now I can use this data to figure out who still needs pictures added… and other ideas I haven’t had yet.

I will probably also take down all the “rules” from the current character status page, and replace it with lots of yummy data instead.

I will leave all the functionality up though. Most of the time, when I finish a chapter and press publish, I am so dog-​​tired that I can barely drag myself up the ladder into my bed. Tagging characters is the last thing I want to do. So there may still be karma to be had. ;-)

I wish I had a concluding half-​​naked-​​elf picture worthy of the occasion, but I’m at work and all I have available is a chorus line of Thankful Bunnies: