Sunday 19 July 2009

I made a “storyline” consisting of all my chapters featuring hot kisses and sex. That way you can skip all those 1600+ boring chapters and get straight to the good stuff. >8)

“The Naughty Bits”

Seriously, it was an interesting exercise. For instance I realized just what a pervy creep Leofric is when you take out the chapters of him being all wise and fatherly and shit. :mad: The first half of the chapters seem to be of Leofric leering at and fondling various females.

Also, young Malcolm was quite the horndog as a teen. There’s a year or two in there where he seems to think about nothing but having his way with Iylaine. The poor boy can’t even think straight in some of those chapters. Iylaine’s trying to be crabby with him, and he’s all Waaaahhhh? :-D

Have fun! Don’t read ‘em all in one sitting!

Edit: Oh, and tell me if I forgot one. I have my own criteria about what’s steamy I suppose (for example Malcolm’s first failed kiss with Iylaine may be a surprising inclusion in the list) so I may not agree. But going through all 1600+ chapters chronologically by title only and trying to remember which ones featured something steamy, I am sure I forgot a few. Sadly I couldn’t think of an Alred+Matilda chapter, can you?