Saturday 5 June 2010

In the chat the other day, I mentioned to Ann and ermine that I am having a difficult time finding hair for Egelric. I have almost no good short hairs, because noble men wear long hair in my world, and my peasants mostly wear really messy hairstyles. (And even they aren’t cropped really short like Egelric is right now.)

So I thought that some of you who have “modern CC” games might be able to point me to some good ones. Here is his hair length as of January 1st:

Egelric's current hair.

He’s still wearing that hair in mid-​February because I couldn’t find anything better, but it should be a tad longer now. About 2 centimeters longer, according to Ann. ;-)

I had wanted to use this hair:

Egelric's ideal hair.

but Egelric has a unique problem that forces me to rule this one out.

Egelric’s beard is a recolor I did, and I changed the alpha so that the beard will grow down underneath his chin and slightly onto his neck, just like a real beard. Unfortunately part of this alpha wraps around and shows up on the back of the neck.

Egelric's neck hair.

So you see, his hair must be long enough to cover the seam between the scalp and the neck.

His current hair looks fine from behind:

Egelric's neck hair.

I did find one hair that I liked that doesn’t have this problem – a recolor by Almighty Hat:

Egelric's neck hair.

This is a spiffy hair. But I am not sure it’s really Egelric. It’s a little fluffy. Egelric’s hair is really lank and heavy. This looks he had Ethelwyn blow-​dry his hair for him, with lots of mousse.

So has anyone spotted something that might suit? Ann found Maxwell’s Silver Hammer – A short hair for regular guys on GoS which looks pretty good and probably covers the neck seam, but it’s a little long for early March, which is when we will next see Egelric.