Saturday 19 November 2011

Thirteen color variations of iamliz13’s Russian Viking Style Tunic.

The Well-Dressed Viking

Clothes for the well-​to-​do Viking-​era Norseman: freshly dyed in authentic medieval colors, and in flashy though sometimes ill-​advised color combinations.

The Well-Dressed Viking

The only significant change to iamliz13’s texture is the addition of Viking-​style leg wraps between the shoe and the knee. (Click on any of the pictures to get a larger view.) I also added silver clasps to the shoes and a new silver belt buckle to most of the outfits.

The Well-Dressed Viking

(From left to right, that’s Thorkell the Bard, Earl Eirik, Njal Bare-​balls, Skorri Snake-​Tongue, and Harald Leki.)

Files are named according to the colors, and preview pictures are included in the download so you can delete the outfits you don’t want.



As with iamliz’s original terms, you can do what you want with these except put them on paysites.