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New Reader View for mobile phones and older eyes

2022-07-03 15:21:49

Greetings, loyal readers and new arrivals who somehow stumbled upon this story. Some of you have mentioned that you are rereading or considering rereading the entire saga, and having just finished the same, I know that this old site is tough ...

All The Spoilers: Happily Ever After

2013-11-29 13:49:13

This section is a brain dump of miscellaneous plans I had for various people and story lines. MEGA SPOILERS BELOW ! The Kingdom of Lothere In 1086 , Sigefrith’s kingdom is on the verge of spilling over the hills ...

All The Spoilers: Nine Sisters and the Apocalypse

2013-11-29 13:31:15

This section outlines the basis of my story world in terms of how the supernatural races came to be, and the cause and purpose of the “meddling” that has led to history bending away from what we know. If you’re only interested in who ends up ...

But Also the End

2013-11-29 13:14:05

“With the bedtime stories for little girls, there is a trick, which I tell you. When you see she is almost asleep, you must skip to the end.” — Osh, Malcolm learns the trick of bedtime tales Today is the Eighth Anniversary...

Thank you, and more

2012-12-03 18:50:04

To everyone who commented on the anniversary post, on one of the new Prologue Chapters, or really, on anything I’ve written here ever – thank you. I’ve thanked you all before for all you’ve given me by acting as the canvases on which I’ve been able...

Seven Year Itch

2012-11-29 05:18:32

I haven’t posted a new chapter since mid-​September, and I haven’t posted here on Verso since March. I’ve commented a few times here and there, but I know some of you have been worried about me. So to start this anniversary post, I want to thank everyone...

The Well-Dressed Viking IIIa: Tykes

2012-03-20 04:51:15

No pictures in this post, but I wanted to make sure those who read updates via RSS will see this addition. There was a small mapping problem in G-Knee’s original child mesh, which is why I originally made no child recolors of the Well-​Dressed...

The Well-Dressed Viking IV: Saxon Collar

2012-03-18 16:36:10

Yes, Well-​Dressed Vikings were all I did this weekend. This set features a brand new texture, and makes use of G-Knee’s teen version of iamliz’s Russian Viking Tunic. I call it the “Saxon Collar” set because it all started ...

The Well-Dressed Viking III: Tots and Teens

2012-03-18 16:03:05

Plumb Bob Keep member G-​Knee made teen, child, and toddler versions of my favorite mesh for medieval men: iamliz’s Russian Viking Tunic. So to celebrate I made us some recolors! This set includes all the colors of my original ...

The Well-Dressed Viking IIa: Teen Apron Gowns

2012-03-04 08:20:40

Van heard my plea to have a teen version of this dress, so she kindly whipped one up for us using a snug little mesh from Parsimonious which almost everyone has: mesh_​k 8 parsftfrengown 021605 . Thanks, Van! I also wanted...

The Well-Dressed Viking II: Apron Gowns

2012-03-01 18:07:28

My second installment in the Well-​Dressed Viking Series (yes, it is a series now) is an apron gown and kirtle for the ladies, in nine authentic colors. Click the images for a bigger view. (The models are Stein’s elder...

Outtakes from “Murchad is let down by the rules”

2012-02-29 17:03:27

“Murchad is let down by the rules” was originally intended to be much longer. In fact it was supposed to be two chapters, the second being the scene in Dublin Castle’s hall. (It even had a preview banner ready.) Later I changed...

Sixth Anniversary: Prologue Chapters

2011-11-29 04:40:08

Anniversary time already. The Kingdom of Lothere: So romantic since 2005 ! Year Six has been an interesting one for me. I was laid off in March, and although I quickly found another cool job, that speed bump certainly affected ...

The Well-Dressed Viking

2011-11-19 18:41:58

Thirteen color variations of iamliz 13 ’s Russian Viking Style Tunic . Clothes for the well-​to-​do Viking-​era Norseman: freshly dyed in authentic medieval colors, and in flashy though sometimes ill-​advised color combinations...

The Lotherian Lady

2011-10-23 08:56:15

Sherahbim’s “The Lady” gown is one of the best bliauts out there, so I wanted it in lots of medieval colors. There are already other recolors of the original gown, so I made a few edits to the outfit to add variety. I also put it on a ...

The Troll Mother (and Son)

2011-10-22 07:19:17

“The Troll Mother” In the far-​off, frost-​stricken Northlands Where pine forests blanket the fells, Beneath her ancestral toll bridge A little old troll mother dwells. Though bats hang thick from the ceiling, ...

Young Aed Storyline

2011-10-16 11:28:25

To prepare for the upcoming chapter, I pulled together a new storyline for Young Aed. It inevitably has some political stuff in it, but I tried to limit it as much as possible so as not to have too much overlap with the “Storm on the Irish Sea” ...

Lothere 1.0

2011-09-23 18:13:17

I just stumbled across the original Lothere blog from the days when I didn’t even have my own site. Behold: http://​lothere​.blog​some​.com I had thought all traces of the site had vanished from the Internet. I ...

Male Tunic “Anniversary” Remixes

2011-08-18 05:10:07

In honor of the first anniversary of The Medieval Smithy I have remixed some classic medieval outfits for Sims 2 men, using some of the more authentic tunic meshes that have been created in recent years. Viking Tunic and LBB Viking...

Estrid’s Party Dress Recolors

2011-07-30 17:30:48

Somebody expressed an interest in one of the recolors I made a few years ago of Sherabhim’s “Maiden” gown: the “party dress” immortalized in “Estrid is made molten.” I’ve posted download...

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